In an era dominated by economic crises I believe we have to be as adaptable as possible to be successful in today’s world.  No longer is one career possible or even plausible, we all have a multitude of roles to fulfil and the more strings you have to your bow, the better you will be in surviving the ups and downs of life. My day job is as an HR professional specialising in graduates and early career development for a global multi-national company however in addition to that I am a qualified lawyer, fitness professional, wife and mother.  All the skills I have gained in the variety of “hats” I wear have played a pivotal role in my career to date – work life and home life are not longer separate but are very much glued together.

My observations are based on my experiences and knowledge gathered in business, fitness and more recently in motherhood. They are my personal thoughts and feelings and are here only to encourage thought and more importantly debate.  If we don’t talk – we don’t evolve.

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